Your customized lighting project

The strength and appeal of a shopping centre scheme comes from the personality we give it. To attract and retain interest, the festive decorations need to respect and compliment their surroundings.

Leblanc illuminations can design and deliver a strong theme, create an interactive display, or produce a showstopping centrepiece for both indoor and outdoor commercial centres.

For more than 60 years, Leblanc has been at the forefront of lighting design, development and innovation. We focus on design excellence, and are constantly researching new materials and technologies to fulfil customer requirements. Unique decorations will grab your visitors’ attention, whilst light scenography will animate your shopping centre and create a magical and warm environment.

Whether it to be to tell a story, amaze an audience, or simply to create a nice space to be in, Leblanc takes a fresh look at your commercial centre and gives it a festive atmosphere.

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