This fantastic new generation of LED string lights can easily be animated in any chosen pattern, colour, and speed, with an unlimited number of effects.

The app allows users to detect the exact position of every single LED through a smartphone camera. You start by selecting colours and animation on the smartphone, then simply snap a photo in the app to map it onto the lights. It is simple to use and yet breath-taking to behold.

Twinkly Pro can even map a video. Simply select a video from your phone, upload it to the app and watch the video come to life on the lights.

Speak to your local Leblanc illuminations contact person to find out more.

The most beautiful emotions are those that we share… Take center stage inside our beautiful Infinity Snowball!

Loomie offers an immersive enhanced reality experience: Visitors can interact with the illuminations and their environment. Create traffic and energise the city centre!

A turnkey offer including:

• 1 totem

• 3 games for young and old.

• Personalization of the digital greeting cards with your logo,as well as 8 fun photo filters.

• 1 redirection link to your website.

• The different graphic elements in your city's promotional materials.

The 5 applications proposed by Loomie:

Add sound to your decorations!

Keep your ears open, Musik adds a new dimension to your lighting decorations. Among a large choice of talking Santa, musical letter box or 3D decoration set to music, imagine your own project with its own message or background music. Attract more visitors and enhance their experience with this new animation.