Leblanc Illuminations combines skills in design, graphic design, research into new materials and technologies, manufacturing, and logistics. The company relies on a creative, dynamic, and experienced team.

* Jean-François - Chief executive officer

A devoted manager with more than 30 years of experience in managing businesses and public organizations, Jean-François is particularly concerned about client satisfaction. Concerned about the operational performance of the company, he is constantly on the lookout for simple solutions to improve the performance of his team. He wants magic to appear effectively in the realization of client’s projects!

* Responsible for the protection of personal information.

Annie - Sales manager, project manager

A creative and animated manager, Annie has more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and customer service. Concerned about aesthetics and attention to detail, she loves to share her passion and expertise in festive illuminations through her client’s projects. Always on the lookout for new ideas, she inspire and coaches the sales team, so that the projects of our clientele are both spectacular and affordable.

Annie - Administrative assistant

With nearly 20 years of experience as an administrative and customer service assistant, Annie is a joy and a good mood incarnate. She is committed to customer satisfaction and dedicates herself body and soul so that customers quickly get all the answers to their questions in simplicity and good humor!

Patrick - Designer, project manager

Expert in the development of decor concept, Patrick has been with Leblanc Illuminations since 2012. He lays all his creativity and technical expertise at the service of customers to facilitate the realization of their projects while ensuring that the aesthetics are at the «rendez-vous» and that the public will be dazzled by our achievements.

David - Graphic designer, simulation manager

Employed by Leblanc Illuminations since 2012, David makes every effort to ensure that all design concept proposals presented are as realistic as possible and allow decision-makers to make informed choices. Gifted with an overflowing creativity, David is also in charge of developing the visuals of the company's advertising concepts.

Vanessa - Chief technician

Vanessa has developed an in-depth knowledge of Leblanc Illuminations' products since taking up her position in 2018. Meticulous and on the lookout for details, she perfectly masters the technical aspects of the products and is an important resource asset to answer the technical questions of customers.

Julie - Business development representative

With a long experience in customer service and entrepreneurship, Julie has developed skills in project management and architectural enhancement, having already worked as a professional photographer and event manager. Always concerned about the satisfaction of her clients, she knows how to accompany them in a sometime complex decision-making process.

Annie - Business development representative

With a diversified background and more than 20 years of sales experience, Annie has focused on satisfying a various clientele in the advertising field where it is necessary to react quickly to meet the requirements of her clients. Having sharp reflexes in terms of aesthetics and design, she dedicates herself body and soul to meet the needs of her customers.

Séverin - Logistics coordinator

A procurement and logistics professional with a background in continuous improvement, Séverin joined the Leblanc illuminations team in the spring of 2022 with the mission of improving the company's performance in terms of customer experience. He helps and ensure that clients' projects are carried out within the defined deadlines.

Kim, Maude, Marc-André

The Elves from Santa's Production Workshop.